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6 Common Problems And Solutions For Automatic Packing Line
6 Common Problems And Solutions For Automatic Packing Line

Automatic packing line to our lives have brought convenience, but also brought us a lot of trouble, this trouble is the problem of packaging machine failure. Below let me introduce to you the automatic packaging line of the six common problems that it is.

Common problems and solutions of the automatic packaging line

Common problems and solutions of the automatic packing line

1.Cursor problem

In the automatic packaging process of composite film coils, it is often necessary to locate thermal synthesis and positioning cutting. An electro-eye indicator needs to be set to the position. Although different packaging machines have different requirements for the size of the cursor, generally requires the cursor width is greater than 2 mm, the length is greater than 5 mm, the cursor generally uses a large dark color with the background color, preferably black.

The spacing between cursors is used for extension, so the error between the actual spacing and the design value should not be too large, usually allowing only 0.5mm of error. For many automatic packaging lines, a negative deviation is better than positive deviation tracking, so it is recommended to design negative deviations.

2.The friction coefficient problem

Friction in the process of packaging is often both traction, but also resistance, so it should be said that the size of the coefficient of friction control in the appropriate range. Coils in powder packaging machines generally require a small coefficient of internal friction and a suitable coefficient of external friction. If the coefficient of external friction is too large, it will produce excessive resistance during the packaging process, resulting in the material stretch deformation. If too small, it may cause the traction mechanism to slip, resulting in inaccurate eye-tracking and cutting positioning.

3.thermal sealing problem

Low-temperature heat sealing is mainly determined by the nature of the hot sealing resin, for the automatic packaging of composite film coils, should be selected with good thermal viscosity of the hot seal material. For packaging with poor heat resistance, low-temperature heat sealing material should be used, for heavy-duty packaging, hot sealing materials with high heat sealing strength, high mechanical strength, and good impact performance should be used, and for high-speed packaging machines, low-temperature heat sealing and thermal bonding strength should be used. High-heat sealing materials, and powdered, liquid, and other high-polluting products, heat-resistant materials with good resistance to pollution should be used.

Polyethylene heat seal extrusion

4.Polyethylene heat seal extrusion

In the process of thermal sealing, will often squeeze and stick to the hot sealing film, affecting normal production. At the same time, the extruded pe oxidizes smoke on the hot seal mold, creating an odor.

Hot seals and extrusion PEs can usually be solved to some extent by reducing the heat seal temperature and pressure, regulating the formulation of the heat seal layer, and changing the heat seal to reduce the pressure on the edge part.

5. The pressure of the heat seal is a too strong problem

Squeezing is when packaging material is squeezed by an external force to form a puncture hole or crack. The reasons are generally: the heat seal pressure is too large, the heat seal mold rough, angled, or foreign objects, packaging material thickness selection is not correct. The structure of packaging materials is not selected properly, and the packaging mold is not designed properly.

6.Heat seal leakage problem

The leak is due to certain factors, so the components that should be combined by heating and melting will not be sealed. Leak seals are for several reasons: insufficient heat seal ingress, partial contamination of the seal, equipment, handling, and packaging materials.

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