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What Are The Structural Features Of The Automatic Mask Flow Packing Machine?


The automatic mask flow packing machine is suitable for medical masks, N95 \ kn95 masks, disposable masks, medical gloves, paper towels, wipes and other products, and can pack single or multiple medical masks. When we use the automatic mask packing machine, do you know the characteristics of the automatic mask packing machinery?



In the following, the structure features of the automatic mask packing machine are described in sections:


  • The mask packing machine is equipped with intelligent chip, measuring, automatic detection of electrical fault, which is simple operation and convenient adjustment. The machine can be set and cut according to the bag length in one step, saving labor and membrane.
  • The mask packing machine adopts the closed vertical sealing device, which makes the vertical sealing more stable, firm and stable.
  • The overall design of the mechanical structure of the respirator packaging machine is simple, reasonable, easy to operate and convenient to adjust.
  • The facemask packaging machine has a variety of cutting forms: straight, corrugated, connected, and so on. The packaging products are beautiful.
  • The mask packaging machine is equipped with a safety clutch device to protect the packed articles.
  • The respirator packaging machine can operate continuously for a long time;
  • The mask packaging machine has high packaging efficiency, stable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, and low failure rate;
  • The mask packaging machinery has good sealing performance and beautiful packaging effect;
  • The price of mask making machine is economic and affordable, and the packaging range is wide;



In addition to the face mask packaging, the automatic mask packaging machine is also suitable for the packaging of biscuits, bread, areca, yolk pie, candy, daily necessities, hardware parts, paper boxes or trays and other solid objects with rules, so as to realize multi-purpose of one machine.

We all need to master these structural features of the automatic mask flow packing machine when operating it. Only in this way can we reduce unnecessary operation errors and improve production efficiency in the process of using the machine as much as possible.




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