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Automatic food packaging machine for a wide range of applications


Automatic food packaging machinery is mainly used in sauces, condiments, snack foods, etc.; such as puffed food, potato chips, candy, pistachio, raisins, rice balls, meatballs, peanuts, biscuits, jellies, preserves, walnuts, pickles Wait for the bagged food. We know that foods have a shelf life. Food is placed in the air and is susceptible to oxidation and deterioration. Especially in the summer, many foods must be placed in the refrigerator to ensure that they do not deteriorate when eaten. However, some foods cannot always be put into the refrigerator when they are sold. After all, the space of the refrigerator is limited, and it is inconvenient for the customers to purchase them. The emergence of food packaging machines has effectively alleviated this problem.

Automatic food packaging machinery developed late in China, but due to its wide range of applications, it has been highly valued by people. After years of development, more and more food packaging machinery has entered people's sights. The automatic food packaging machine came into being under the trend of the times and the market demand, and its application in the food industry is particularly outstanding, reaching an unprecedented height.

Food packaging machinery, another innovative work in the packaging machinery industry. Its performance in the food industry is obvious to us. With its unique performance, it effectively prolongs the storage time of food and solves the worries of food manufacturers. In the face of a huge food market, the market prospects for food packaging machinery are extremely broad. In the fierce competition and the vast market, the production enterprises must also seek technological innovation while increasing the quality to adapt to the progressive technology and diversified market.

People eat food for the day, this sentence is the same in any country. And let the food be better protected, so that the quality of the food can be preserved for a longer period of time, and it is safer to leave our food packaging machine. With the development of the times and the advancement of technology, automatic food packaging machines are playing an increasingly important role in the packaging field. What are its advantages?

1 Conducive to workers' labor protection For some products that seriously affect the health of the body, such as dusty and toxic products, irritating and radioactive products, it is inevitable to endanger the health by hand packaging, while mechanical packaging can be avoided and effective. The environment protects the environment from pollution.

2 It can effectively ensure that the automatic food packaging machinery packaging can obtain the packaging with the same specifications according to the requirements of the packaged articles according to the required shape and size, and the manual packaging cannot be guaranteed. This is especially important for export goods. Only mechanical packaging can achieve standardization and standardization of packaging, and meet the requirements of collective packaging.

3 can achieve the operation of manual packaging can not be achieved Some packaging operations, such as vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, body packaging, isostatic filling, etc., are not possible with manual packaging, can only be achieved with mechanical packaging.

4 can reliably ensure product hygiene, such as food, pharmaceutical packaging, according to the health law is not allowed to use manual packaging, because it will pollute the product, and mechanical packaging avoids direct contact with food, medicine, and ensure the quality of hygiene .

5 can greatly improve labor productivity. Sliding plastic sealing machine mechanical packaging is much faster than manual packaging, such as candy packaging, manual sugar can only pack more than 10 pieces in 1min, and candy packaging machine can reach hundreds or even thousands per minute. Block, improve efficiency dozens of times.

6 can reduce the packaging cost, save the freight and use the loose products, such as cotton, tobacco, silk, hemp, etc., the automatic food packaging machine is compressed and packed by the compression packaging machine, which can greatly reduce the volume, thereby reducing the packaging cost. At the same time, due to the large size reduction, saving storage capacity, reducing storage costs, and facilitating transportation.

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