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Automation Increases Productivity, Allowing Companies To Hire More Employees


Automation solutions such as robots, CNC systems, and related tools have penetrated the workplace since the 1960s, and they’re being embraced all the more in recent years as company owners seek to maximize productivity and efficiency. Robots and the programming they require to complete actions have improved dramatically in the past decade.

Are Jobs Lost to Automation?

There continues to be some negativity about robots and automation taking jobs away from people—especially those who lack skills, experience, training-feeding the unemployment rate. An increasing number of people now realize, however, the number of jobs actually increases. More jobs are created because productivity elevates, thanks to marked efficiencies directly related to automation.

In many workplaces, employees engaged in manual labor whose positions are eliminated may even benefit from automation. These employees can be trained to operate the robots and other automation technologies used in their workplaces. In these cases, the jobs lost to automation are resurrected in the form of new jobs created by automation.
For most businesses, a fully automated warehouse isn’t practical. Rather, these businesses would benefit from implementing automation technology to help receive and send out products quickly. In this kind of setup, employees are involved in handling goods in the middle of the fulfillment process. Fulfillment centers are anticipated to create many more jobs in the coming years for companies to meet consumers’ growing hunger for e-commerce goods.

In many industries, the adoption of automation solutions is helping change what the modern workplace looks like. The use of robotics and automation technologies is certainly helping transform workplaces into fast, efficient and productive places. But robots aren’t taking jobs away. They are blazing a path for the creation of more jobs—jobs that are safer and cleaner.
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