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Available For Sale! Factory Wholesales Semi Automatic Medical Treatment Mask Production Machine!

Semi automatic medical treatment mask production machine is a kind of mask machine developed by TEFUDE, which includes mask forming machine, facemask ear belt welding machine and so on.The semi-automatic face mask manufacturing machine developed and produced by TEFUDE Machinery is a kind of highly efficient and integrated equipment, which is mainly used for the production of the face mask with no sealing edge and outer ear below four layers.

1、Applicable materials of equipment:

This equipment can be used to produce non-woven materials such as non-woven cloth, polypropylene melt blown cloth, sanitary gauze, calendering cloth, activated carbon cloth, filter paper, etc.

2、Application scope of semi-automatic mask machine:

Applicable to common medical masks: generally refers to the three-layer non-woven mask with filter layer, which is mainly used to block bacteria and has good permeability.

3、Technical Parameters:

Model of product TFD-1795-1
Production capacity 10-120 pcs/min
Machine air pressure 0.6Mpa/0.8Mpa
Machine power 15KWS
Machine weight 1050KGS
Control mode PLC
Power supply 200V 50/60Hz.
Test way photoelectric detection

4、 Performance of semi-automatic flat face mask machine:

(1) Automatic tension control of raw materials to ensure the tension balance of raw materials.

(2) The equipment is easy to operate and maintain.

(3) Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid mistakes and reduce waste.

(4) Can produce one to four layers of mask body

(5)Changing the mold can produce different sizes and styles of masks.

(6) The whole machine is made of aluminum alloy structure, beautiful, solid and rust free.

This Semi automatic medical treatment mask production machine is highly recommended. It will be easier than the full-automatic one. If you take extra more sets of mask earloop welder machines, the speed can easily increase, such as if you get extra one set mask ear belt machine, then you can get extra 20pcs /Min. TEFUDE do suggest one head face mask shape machine + 2-3 sets of mask earloop machine. Speed will match 30-60pcs/Min. The quality of Semi automatic medical treatment mask production machine is assured, and factory direct! The price is reasonable, welcome for your consult and order!!!



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