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Food parcel packing machine


Food parcel packing machine can pack all kinds of food. It is divided into many types, such as shrink wrap machine food packaging, airtight food packaging machine, small food packing machine, nitrogen food packaging machine, and so on.

With the development of technology, the demand and application of automated mechanical equipment are increasing. The level of manufacturing automation is constantly improving. The scope of application is constantly expanding. The automation operation of the food flow packing machine is constantly improving. In order to create maximum benefits for ourselves within the stipulated time, we must ensure that our food packaging production line works well.

There are many food brands on the market, and they are packed in a variety of styles. Good food packaging must be inseparable from a good food packaging machine. Having a good food packaging machine not only improves packaging efficiency but also avoids errors and losses.

Main performance and structural characteristics of food parcel packing machine

1. The food parcel packing machine is controlled by a touch screen. The main control circuit uses a smart chip for accurate measurement. It can be automatically detected when the electrical appliance is faulty, and its operation is very simple.

2. Food parcel packing machine is a high-quality double-conversion simple mechanical structure. It is easy to maintain, less wear, and long life.

3. It can detect and track with high precision photoelectricity, two-way automatic compensation, accurate and reliable.

4. The length of the food parcel packing machine does not need to be manually set, and the equipment is automatically detected and automatically set during operation.

5. Food parcel packing machine packaging speed and bag length are controlled by double inverter, step-less speed change, wide adjustment range, and can be perfectly matched with the previous process of the automatic packing line.

6. Adjustable end seal structure to make the seal more perfect and eliminate the phenomenon of cutting.

7. The conveyor table is made of stainless steel, and the main part is sprayed with paint.

8. It has high packaging efficiency, stable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, and low failure rate.

9. It can run continuously for a long time

10. Good sealing performance and beautiful packaging effect.

11. Wide range of packaging, and simultaneous printing production date, inflation, three-dimensional folding angle, and so on.

The scope of food parcel packing machine

Applicable to the packaging of biscuits, egg yolk pie, chocolate, bread, instant noodles, moon cakes, medicines, daily necessities, industrial parts, and other objects.


Above we mainly introduced the performance and characteristics of the food packaging machine. In addition, we have food packaging machines for sale, you can contact us.

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