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China Factory OEM Full-Automatic Disposable Mask Manufacturing Machine


As we all know, the purchase of a high-quality full-automatic disposable mask manufacturing machine is an important condition to improve the rapid production of masks. In the process of using the mask machine, the choice of poor quality face mask equipment will lead to the failure of its function or normal operation, which seriously affects the packaging and production of masks. TEFUDE 1+1 full-automatic disposable mask manufacturing machine with Factory OEM Service, adopts PLC control system to make material feeding from the coil, folding and pressing, nose bridge tendon feeding, ultrasonic welding, mask forming, mask cutting, ear band feeding, and welding, finished product unloading, once Completed, the entire production process is automated, continuous and efficient.

1. Technical Parameters:

Model of product TFD-1-1
Production capacity 45-65 pcs/min
Machine air pressure 0.6Mpa/0.8Mpa
Machine power 12KWS
Machine weight 1300KGS
Control mode PLC
Power supply 200V 50/60Hz.
Test way photoelectric detection

2. Main Performance Characteristics:

(1) Intelligent control platform, the convenient and fast setting of human-machine interface parameters, simple operation, and easy learning, one person can operate multiple units to work at the same time.

(2) The production stability is high, the failure rate is low, and the floor area is small. The two output lines simultaneously increase the output significantly.

(3) When the coil material and the bridge of the nose are out of material, the photoelectric (optical fiber) detects the raw material and automatically stops to avoid waste.

(4) The ear loops are automatically welded by ultrasound.

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