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Food tray wrapping machine


Packaging food is the final process of production, food tray wrapping machine has a very important function.

What is a food tray wrapping machine

What is a food tray wrapping machine

Above all, beautiful outer packing can protect the burnish fragrance that the product should have and form, lengthen its shelf life.

Secondly, high-quality packaging can also prevent microbial and dust pollution, improve product hygiene, and safety.

Thirdly, exquisite product packaging can improve consumers' desire to buy and commodity value.

In addition, high-quality packaging for the storage of chocolate products circulation and consumption has a very important role. So a high-quality packing machine can take a very important role in it.

Granulated automatic packing line design is a typical mechanical system design, which includes not only the size and strength of the mechanism design but also the transmission mechanical system design.


The main function of the food tray wrapping machine is to pack a food tray on a round table. The machine uses a servo driver to control the tray feeding, vertical loading mode which can improve the machine speed and accuracy of the loading tray. The putting adopts dual electric eye inspection, and more effectively control the putting stability and increase of buffering capacity, And the automatic acceleration and deceleration or start-stop material supply technology of intelligent control mainline. Application Multi-row tray and matrix tray-loading mode, the Machine speed can be 40-60 pcs/min(subject to the quantity and tray loading type of product).in addition, the whole machine has a cantilever frame design for easy and convenient installation, dismantling, maintenance, and cleanness.

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