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Choose A Right Biscuits Packing Robot From Us


Packaging biscuits and bread in a pack is much more than simply conveying products safely and conveniently to the consumer.

Packaging also allows for the display of information regarding the type, age, price, contents, weight and manufacture of the product which may be a legal requirement. In addition, other more aesthetic attributes that appeal to the customer may be included to tempt sales or allow for easy recognition.

The pack shape will also have a bearing on the manner in which it can be displayed on the shelf in the shop. Round column packs tend to roll off, while packs with fine end seals will typically interlock with the packs adjacent. It is not easy to pile simple bags well for the display, while bags with block bottoms allow for only a single layer of packs to be placed on the shelf.

The entire organization of TFD-CZ500 vertical joint robot is compact, with the advantages of high repeated positioning, low failure rate, simple operation, and it uses the bus control technology, covering a small area, and the arm length is 500-1000mm, and the load capacity is up to 10 Kg, and it can be widely used in food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other material sorting and removing.

Biscuits and bread tend to be very fragile and will lose a lot of their appeal when they get broken. A tight group of bread or biscuits offers a lot of self-protection, while also aiding in rigidity. Specially formed trays, base cards or corrugated paper folds help to reduce the chance of breakages in the event that the pack is knocked or it vibrates.

Choose the right packaging materials to hold biscuits and bread that have sharp edges or rough abrasive surfaces as a result of sugar and other embellishments. It is important to select and handle the materials used to package biscuits and bread well as these are crucial to the life of the product. Foshan TEFUDE Automation Science & Technology Co., Ltd is a supplier specialized in independent packaging equipment and automation secondary-packaging equipment and services. You can always find the right biscuits packing machine for you here.

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