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Choose Packing Equipment That Suits The Product


Every manufacturer needs some type of packaging for products. The question is, what type of packing equipment is best for your products?

At TEFUDE, we know that packaging machinery must be reliable and it must help to focus attention on your product and highlight its value. At the same time, the equipment used must be cost-effective to ensure your return on investment (ROI).

It stands to reason that the packing equipment you use for your products must meet your needs not only in terms of the product that is to be packaged but also the capacity involved. The level of automation required will also hinge on product and capacity.

Different Types of Packing Equipment

In general terms, businesses will consider vertical baggers, various dosing systems, stick packers, bottling lines, and a range of custom solutions.

Vertical baggers and various form fill and seal vertical machines also cater to multiple industries. They are particularly popular in the food and beverage industry and are frequently used by manufacturers of snack foods and items that are packaged in relatively small quantities. Another benefit is that vertical baggers can generally handle the full range of bag styles and will operate at most output speeds.

Dosing systems are used by manufacturers that need to measure exact quantities of the product including packaging of multiple ingredients or products in one pack. This equipment can be used for both non-food and food products and the various machines can dose according to volume, weight, or by counting the pieces to be included in the pack.

Stick packers and machines that package sachets are good for a wide range of applications and may be used for dry, gel, and liquid products. Volumes will help any manufacturer decide which machine they need as they range from relatively simple machines with just one lane to super-high-speed machines that have as many as 24 lanes.

Custom solutions range from flexible pick and place systems to systems that cater specifically for packaging in corrugated trays, the use of wraparound paperboard sleeves, and other very precise needs. Transfer systems are also available to sort and stack as well as feed various types of automated packaging equipment on the factory floor.

Whether you know exactly what packaging equipment you need, or would like a reliable expert to help you assess your needs, the TEFUDE Packaging Machinery team is ready to help. Contact us today.

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