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Considering Automating Your Product Packing? TEFUDE Packaging Machinery Offers Custom Solutions


If you are considering automating your product packaging, the biggest challenge will be to decide exactly what you want, and what will work best for your product. Gone are the days when you have to accept run-of-the-mill packaging; instead TEFUDE’s custom solutions will accommodate just about anything you need.

Customizable solutions from TEFUDE include cost-effective, automated pick and place as well as transfer systems, sleeving and tray and lid packers. You are bound to find the perfect product packing solution here.

Tray and Lid Packers

Ideal for products that need to be sealed and stacked in trays ready for retail stores, Tray and Lid Packers offers a fully automated solution. The way it works is that trays are formed from corrugated blanks before products are inserted into each tray. Trays are then sealed using either hot- or cold-melt glue and any required coding or labeling are applied to completed trays.

Trays that can be assembled range in width from 600 mm to 800 mm. All drive axes are controlled by servos, and 80-200 trays can be packed in just one minute.

These trays and lid packing machines suitable for a wide range of products including dry and household foodstuffs including candy, fast noodle and chocolate. They are also suitable for industrial and pharmaceutical products, as well as hardware and nutraceuticals.

Transfer Systems

TEFUDE has a variety of transfer systems available for products that have to be collated and synchronized, sorted, stacked and fed into automated packaging equipment, including automated sleeving systems and tray and lid packers.

While transfer systems are customized for client requirements, they are all based on common components to make them cost-effective. Engineers are available to help build the right transfer system for each application.

Pick and Place Systems

Pick and place systems are available for products that have to be collated and then top-loaded into various containers. TEFUDE offers various systems that are flexible but cost-effective, and, like the transfer systems they offer, are based on common components. These systems use vacuum or gripper plate pick-up options that are so varied they will meet the requirements of most products. Tray erecting and closing can be done manually or the pick and place system may be used in conjunction with other automated equipment.

As for transfer systems, pick and place options are customized and TEFUDE Packaging Machinery engineers will ensure that every system meets the client's packaging needs.

So if you're looking for reliable, cost-effective equipment that will enable you to automate the packaging process for your products, contact us today.


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