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Does Your Factory Have A Packaging Robot?


In today’s fast-paced production environments, picking and packing operations demand a lot from human operators including uninterrupted speed, reliability, inspection, sorting, accuracy and dexterity. Whether they are picking and packing primary or secondary products, packing robots can complete these tasks consistently at high speed without the need for breaks.

To increase productivity and ease of implementation, we have developed dedicated software that can coordinate multiple robots picking and packing 2,000 items per minute on a line. This kind of automation packaging machinery not only lowers your costs versus manual labor but also saves you valuable production time.

Packaging robots are extremely flexible and easy to integrate into a workspace. Some of the advantages of packaging robots include reduced part package time, ability to lift more packages and labor cost reduction.

With the right end of arm tooling, a packing robot can complete any packaging process. There is a large variety of packing robot sizes, mounting options, payload and reach available to choose from. Vision technology and software upgrades have also improved the abilities of packaging robots.

Foshan TEFUDE Automation Science & Technology Co., Ltd offers both new and used packaging robots. All of our packaging robot systems come with bus control technology.

Foshan TEFUDE Automation Science & Technology Co., Ltd is a supplier specialized in independent packaging equipment. We offer new and used packaging robots at reduced prices and can also help integrate a pre-engineered or customized work cell to complete your packaging tasks.

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