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Mini flow pack machine


Mini flow pack machine will always require compromise in at least one key area: performance, speed, price, changeover time, footprint, or complexity.

Mini flow pack machine introduction

Mini flow pack machine introduction

Our flow wrapping machine offers dual roll film splice function, double film roll is able to greatly reduce film exchange time, achieve high-speed packaging, and saving time. Also, it adopts three servo driving and motion control system CPU, ensure stable performance, and good rigidity.

Additionally, with the man-machine interface and parameter setting, supply convenient operate. Besides, the mini flow pack machine with a high-precision and high-sensitive electric eye-tracking system, able to accurately control product position, auto-adjust bag length, and the packing speed.

What’s more, it can effectively ensure the quality of packaging, Mechanical packaging can be processed according to the requirements of the packaging items; independently complete the whole packaging process by auto adjust the shape and size of the required packaging, which human can not do. Only mechanical packaging can achieve the standardization of packaging, and meet the requirements of collective packaging.

Furthermore, the mini flow pack machine allows for rapid reaction to minor or temporary changes required in secondary packaging formats, even when the primary product remains common.

Following this function, the Foshan TEFUDE Co. Ltd adopt the independent sealing temperature control system for this packaging machine, in order to easily adjust different kinds of packaging materials. Application range from food to accessories, including cake, bread, instant noodles, biscuits, candy, medicine, daily products, hardware, plastic tray, solid products, etc.

sealing temperature control system for this packaging machine



In addition to fault self-diagnosis and eliminate function, the mini flow pack machine offers some other optional devices such as a printer, nitrogen charging device, and alcohol spraying device. Perfect match customer needs.


As far as the wasting problem is concerned, the packaging machinery offer anti-cutting material, standby function without product, ensure no wasting package material. Also, it is able to continue the process by automatic and manual.

It is undeniable that packaging machinery is efficient and solve lots of problem in comparison to handmade packaging. Not only to prevent the contamination of food during contact with human hands during food packaging but also to greatly improve labor productivity. Foshan TEFUDE Co. Ltd can help you achieve labor-saving and time-saving, provide reliable products and professional after-sales service. Welcome consulting and ordering the mini flow pack machine!

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