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Factory Direct Sales TFD-480s Medical Surgery Face Mask Packaging Machine


TEFUDE, a medical face mask packaging line factory, has more than 30-year experience and technical ability in the design and production of medical surgery face mask packaging machine. TFD-480s face covering packing equipment is suitable for packaging medical masks, disposable masks, kn95 masks and N95 masks,etc. The production speed of TFD-480s face covering packaging equipment can reach 35-300bags/min, and can pack single or multiple forms medical surgery masks. Besides, the TFD-480s mask packing machine has three servo drives, which is convenient for adjustment. The feeding time and cutter time can be adjusted on the touch screen, and the parameters can be stored with memory function.



TFD-480s servo face mask wrapper major performance and structural feature:

Mode of product TFD-480S
Packing speed 35-300bags/min
Bag size (L)80-480(W)30-220(H)5-80mm
Film width 80-450mm
Dimension (L)4000mmx(W)1150mmx(H)1700mm
Heat power 3.8KW
Motor power About 6.5KW
Power supply AC 200-240V 50HZ
Gross Weight 680kgs

The main function characteristics of Tfd-480s face mask packaging equipment :


(1) Three servo driving , motion control system CPU

(2) Man-machine interface and parameter setting and convenient and quick.

(3) Easy to adjust the packing speed and bag length.

(4) With high - precision and high - sensitive electric eye tracking system, accurately control product position.

(5) Independent sealing temperature control system.

(6) Suitable for many kinds of packaging materials, beautiful and tight sealing.

(7) Anti - cutting material, Standby function without product.

(8) Fault self - diagnosis & eliminate function.

(9) Optional devices: printer, nitrogen charging device and alcohol spraying device.


Since its establishment, TEFUDE Factory has launched a Complete Mask Equipment Production Line, including Medical Surgery Face mask Packaging Machine, mask earloop welding machine, mask shaping machine,etc, welcomed by the majority of customers! If you have any need, please contact my business personnel for further talk!



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