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The benefits of using flow wrap packing machine
The benefits of using flow wrap packing machine

Flow wrap packing machine is a high-performance equipment that packaging quantities of nubbly items with film, which has been widely applied in industries such as food, hardware, daily necessities, medicine production industry, and so on. Because of versatile wrapping, horizontal wrapping machine is favored by the filed of food packing. Why? We have rounded up the benefits of using flow wrap packing machine below.

The benefits of using flow wrap packing machine

1. Supreme Versatility

The market is flooded with numerous products that are flow-wrapped, which are ubiquitous in the daily life. No matter what shape or feature the items are, they can be wrapped. Common applications include dry fruit, baker, medicine, daily products, hardware, toys, candy, scratch cards and so on. The versatility is the main attraction of flow packaging equipment.

2. An Added Protective Layer

The horizontal flow wrapper packs the product into film, which protects the product from being damaged, worn, and contaminated from outside, and prolongs the shelf life.

3. Increased Throughput

Time is money. A high speed flow packing machine can save both time and money. The automatic machine becomes an alternative of packaging to manual-packing. Flow-wrap equipment provides a high efficient packaging solution to wrap a wide collection of products, which packing speed can be up to 300 bags per minute.

4. Promotes Brand Awareness and Increases Brand Loyalty

There are various reasons for consumer to buy products, including whether the items is eye-catching to draw people. Printed flow-wrap packaging comes with different colors and designs to highlight the brand. Clear flow wrap package can increase the visibility of product, and customer enjoys an unobstructed view of it.

5. Fast Convert

When the product is flow-packed, it is easy to convert one package size to another. The integrated conveying systems can be quickly adjusted to the needed width. The on-board computer systems can save multiple pack specifications, and the trim length and belt speed can be adjusted with the push of a button.

When a product is flow-wrapped, the film will be cut to the appropriate size of the product. Since the bag is made to size on the horizontal flow-pack machine, there is little movement in the bag once the product is packed.

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