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Snack food packaging machine


Nowadays, with the gradual improvement of people's consumption level, consumers have increasingly demanded food packaging, especially for some small packaged food, which requires the professional corresponding snack food packaging machine.

Among the leisure foods, chocolate, candy, and biscuit are the foods that women and children like to carry with them when they travel. These leisure foods not only taste sweet but also attract people's attention with bright color, lasting fragrance, and gorgeous packaging, so as to meet the diversified needs of customers and improve sales volume.

Snack food packaging machine three main functions

One is to protect the pure fragrance of the product, the taste and smoothness, the bright color, the correct shape, and the shelf life can be extended.

The second is to prevent microbial and dust pollution and improve the hygiene and safety of snack foods such as chocolate, biscuits, and candy.

Third, the exquisite and beautiful product packaging can increase consumers' desire to buy and the value of goods.

Snack food packaging machine packaging forms

The packaging forms of domestic confectionery, biscuits, and chocolate mainly include twisted packaging, horizontal packaging, and folding packaging. Twisted packaging is the oldest packaging form. This packaging form is mostly used for confectionery. It can be completed not only by high-speed, automated packing machine for food products but also by manual operations. Due to the popularity of horizontal candy packing machine and biscuit packing machine, most confectionery and chocolate manufacturers currently use horizontal packaging. Foldable packaging is mostly used for chocolate products, and confectionery is suitable for making rolls, strips, and packages. This packaging form has higher requirements for chocolate packaging equipment and packaging materials. Compared with developed countries, the packaging level of candy and chocolate in China still has a large gap. The main problems are the low level of packaging equipment, few types of packaging materials, and low packaging quality. To narrow this gap, we must only take the road of technological innovation, so the packaging of domestic confectionery and chocolate should be developed in the direction of high-speed automation of packaging machines, the versatility of one machine, and specialization of packaging design.

Snack food packaging machine packaging forms


Candy, biscuit, and chocolate manufacturers generally need high-speed, automated flow wrapping machines when packaging standardized products in order to optimize packaging costs for scale economy. Therefore, in recent years, TEFUDE horizontal packaging machine manufacturers have developed high-speed snack food packaging machine suitable for different types of products, for example, traditional horizontal packaging and some twisted horizontal types are suitable for double-twisted products Packaging machine, etc. In this type of horizontal packaging machine, the manufacturer uses the latest technology, such as servo motor, photoelectric tracking, high-speed camera, etc., to achieve the efficiency of the horizontal packaging machine. At present, there is already a high-speed horizontal-type snack food packaging machine that packages 1500 to 2000 capsules per minute. High-speed chocolate horizontal packaging machines should be developed more from the equipment and cold air packaging film to achieve high speed without affecting the quality of the inner chocolate products. In addition, the automatic steering, sorting, emergency stop, and acceleration of the conveyor belt connected to the chocolate horizontal automatic wrapping machine are also widely used. The original packaging design can also cater to the competition of products, keep innovating, and give people visual impact. For example, the bottled xylitol chewing gum on the market is more suitable for the consumer psychology of young people after the packaging is improved, and the product is very popular.

snack food packaging machine should be developed in a multi-functional direction

Therefore, the snack food packaging machine should be developed in a multi-functional direction in order to adapt to the market. In short, the packaging form of candy and chocolate should be determined by the market, and the packaging technology should be determined by the characteristics of the product. If the product is positioned as a high-end gift, then the packaging form should be attractive, and the high-end design, such as paper, wooden, or metal packaging boxes, is the best choice. For mass consumer products, the packaging form should be relatively simple. For example, the horizontal flow wrap packing is very popular among packaging equipment manufacturers. Its form is simple, the technology is mature, the packaging efficiency is high, and the price is cheap. Of course, many flow wrap machine manufacturer can adjust their own plans at any time, such as TEFUDE Packaging Machinery Equipment Company.

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