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Food packaging machine common faults and compensation measures


Nowadays, no matter how advanced science and technology are developed, no faults can be ruled out. There is no perfect product, but it is important to be able to see the problem and make up for it. Star Food Packaging Machine can do this in time and courageously admit mistakes, worthy of consumer trust.

In the long-term continuous work, overload work and long use time of food packaging machines, it often leads to various failures, such as material breakage, uneven packaging film, tight sealing of packaging bags, color code Various problems such as positioning is not allowed, and the food packaging machine cannot work normally due to the technical ability of the operator during the working process of the food packaging machine. It is not terrible to have mistakes. It is terrible to know that there are mistakes and not to correct them. In the Stars, we will not let such imaginations happen. Once we find faults, we will immediately rebuild them, and we will seriously rework and re-manufacture.

For different faults, the food packaging machine found the cause of the failure in time and formulated different compensation measures. The main reason for the breakage of the packaging material is that the packaging material has joints or excessive burrs, and the paper feeding motor circuit is faulty. It is necessary to go out of the unqualified paper section, timely repair the paper feeding motor circuit, and replace the paper feeding proximity switch. The sealing of the packaging bag is not strict because the inner layer of the packaging material is not uniform, the sealing pressure is not uniform or the sealing temperature is low. The unqualified packaging materials should be removed in time to adjust the sealing pressure and increase the hot air temperature. The color mark is not positioned because the set value of the bag length is not suitable, and the set value of the bag length should be increased, which is the standard length of the actual bag length is greater than the color mark. For the operator's problems, the skilled person should be replaced in time to reduce the existence of faults.

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