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TEFUDE: The a-list food packaging equipment manufacturer from China


When it comes to food packaging, TEFUDE is a premium food packaging equipment manufacturer and exporter in China, with 30 years of production and research and development of food packaging line, providing packing services and solutions for years. Packaging solutions are a range of different packaging lines with different features for attaining different packaging goals. These automated packaging lines are tailor-designed according to product, workshop and budget. From the layout to every part of details, our technical center provide strong support for product technology research and development and auxiliary design to ensure every part sound and perfect.

Types of Automatic Food Packaging Line

TEFUDE is in a leading position when it comes to customized automated packing lines for all types of solid products with regular shapes. Below are the most popular automatic food packaging lines on the market.

  • Biscuit Automatic Packing Machine with Tray
  • Waffles Line
  • Automated Matching Line for Mooncakes
  • Automatic Dry Fruits Loading and Supporting Material Line
  • ShakimaAutomatic Fabric Line
  • Biscuit Automatic Matching Line
  • Cake Automatic Packing Line with Pallet Package
  • Bread Automatic Packaging Line
  • Candy Automatic Wrapping Line
  • Pastry Automatic Feeding & Tray – Loading Packing Line
  • Full Automatic Food Packaging Line with Turntable
  • Dual-channel Automatic Feeding and Packing Line
  • Automatic Chocolate Feeding & Packaging Line

TEFUDE can manufacture the wholly automatic packaging systems, including auto-feeding and tray-loading machine, conveyor, wrapper and palletizer, etc. Also the single equipment is provided. We will customize any part of packing line to fit your needs such as the pouch bag, conveyor, automatic robot palletizer, vertical joint robot, flow wrapping machine, automatic stick- shape products counting and packing machine, auto-feeding and tray-loading machine, etc. Whether it's about the packaging of dried fruits, baked goods, pharmaceuticals, snacks, household goods, candy, etc., from the basic packaging line to the most demanding, TEFUDE has the best solutions.