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Food Packing Machine Price
Food Packing Machine Price

What is food packaging line?

The food automatic packing line is composed of automatic food packaging machine and related auxiliary equipment, which are connected by conveying devices and have independent control device. Based on the predetermined packaging requirements and process sequence, it enables the completeness of the entire packaging process through each packing machine.

It is a fully automatic packaging process without workers' direct participation, during which the main task of workers is to monitor, adjust and control to ensure the normal operation of the automatic packing system. Besides, the packing line could be connected with production line directly.

Food Packing Machine Price

Since the food packaging line is usually purpose-built, the price varies based on the machine model. Overall, the whole set of food packing machine price can reach 1-2 million RMB. Tailor-designed individual wrapping machine is available and accounts for the majority. For example, the horizontal flow wrapping machine price is around 150,000 RMB in the market. If you wanna make non-standard customization and get a customized price, welcome to consult TEFUDE, a food packaging machine factory from China.