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High Speed Production of Mask Flow Packing Machine Becomes the Core of Competition!


As we all know, choosing a high-quality flow wrapping machine is an important condition to improve the rapid packaging production of the facemask. In the use process of mask packaging machines, choosing a poor quality mask packaging machine leads to its failure to play its role or normal operation, which seriously affects the packaging production of masks. To this end, in order to better ensure the better use of the mask packaging machine, the technical personnel of the TEFUDE said that the mask packaging machine of TEFUDE has been carefully developed and designed by the technical personnel, and the packaging speed and details of the mask flow wrapper have been optimized to ensure the rapid operation and production of the mask packaging machine.

The production speed of the TEFUDE mask packaging machine can reach 30-200 bags/min, and the bag length does not need to be set manually, and the equipment can be monitored and set automatically during operation.


1. The operation area of the face mask packaging machine is the electronic display screen, which can automatically control its packaging process, accurately and conveniently control the packaging speed, packaging temperature, etc.

2. The function of the sealing area in the hot pressing of the mask flow wrapper is to control the heating of the double-side roller to seal and to back seal the mask packaging bag to ensure the sealing of the mask packaging.

3. The facemask packaging machine has a rotary constant temperature hot air cutter to seal the front and rear ends of the respirator packaging bag, which can effectively avoid curling or loopholes at the sealing position.

4. The facemask packing machine has a stainless steel conveying area, which is clean and sanitary. The mask can be manually placed in the conveying area, and the machine automatically transports forward.

5. The mask packaging machine has three servo drives, which is convenient for adjustment. The feeding time and cutter time can be adjusted on the touch screen, and the parameters can be stored with the memory function.


The quality of a mask flow packing machine directly affects the production speed of masks. At present, there is a lack of masks in the market. All mask manufacturers are stepping up production. TEFUDE mask packaging machine is not only moderately fast, but also suitable for all kinds of medical general, and medical-surgical masks, disposable masks, etc. The packaging form can be set by one or more pieces. At this critical moment, it is because of these advantages that the mask packaging machine of TEFUDE can achieve greater efficiency and help the mask manufacturer to improve the production efficiency again!


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