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Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine Boosts a Versatile Wrapping
Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine Boosts a Versatile Wrapping

Flow pack packaging product is ubiquitous in our daily life, which indirectly shows that horizontal flow wrap machine takes up the absolute important place in the field of food packaging. This article is built around why does horizontal flow wrap machine boost a versatile wrapping. Let’s begin!

In terms of flow wrapping, it’s a supreme versatile wrapping in the food packaging industry, which is carried out by a flow wrapping machine during products moving horizontally. The horizontal flow wrappers package products of any shape by wrapping it in plastic protective film such as printed polypropylene film or clear flow-wrap film. And it turned out to be a flexible package with crimped end seals and what is commonly called a“fin seal”at the bottom.

In addition, in comparison with other food packaging methods, flow packing performed by horizontal flow wrap machine is a high speed packaging solution to wrap a wide collection of products.

Then what can be flow-wrapped?

The range of flow-packed products cover from food sector ( such as bakery industry, confectionery industries, etc.) to non-food sector (such as household products, medicine, stationary and hardware, etc.)

- Confectionery (e.g. muesli bars, candy bars, lollies).

- Bakery products (e.g. biscuit, cake, moon cake, buns, muffins, dry foods).

- Giveaways (e.g. toys, phone cards, gifts, scratch cards )

- Stationary (such as leaflets, booklets, paper, magazines, cards, pens ).

- Household products (such as sponges, wipes, paper napkins, mask, disposable cutlery, etc.).

- Pharmaceutical products and others

As is stated above, flow pack packaging product spread in every corner of life. Thus it can be seen that in the field of food packaging, horizontal flow wrap machine plays an important role in the supreme versatile wrapping. Whether it’s a horizontal packing, flow pack packaging, or pillow wrapping, a horizontal flow wrap machine is a must. With that, the demand of food wrapping machines have been flooding the market, including but not limited to chips packing machine, biscuit packing machine, chocolate packing machine and bread packing machine.

Since flow wrap machine brings a great convenience to the production and life, a crowd of premium food packaging equipment manufacturers have been emerging in the market, including TEFUDE. The flow wrap packing machine made by TEFUDE features excellent performance, outstanding overall equipment effectiveness as well as great size flexibility, all combined with low packaging costs. No matter what kind of automatic or semi-automatic flow wrapper machine for sale, TEFUDE designs and manufactures a variety of horizontal flow wrappers to meet your packaging requirements. Other than that, with respect to horizontal flow wrap machine price, price vary with customization. Your inquiry is welcome!