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How Many Types of Masks Can Facemask Packaging Machine Pack?

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There is no specific specification for all kinds of facemask packaging machines. Manufacturers can customize their own production specifications according to the needs of customers. How to make mask packing machine get used to different kinds of packing materials and make an intelligent mechanical equipment? This depends on the involvement of skilled personnel in the automation system. Mask packaging machinery and automation can be combined with other mechanical equipment to form an automatic packaging line. Under the control of the intelligent system, it still relies on mechanical equipment for production, which not only avoids the pollution of harmful substances but also improves the production power.

Type of mask style packaging:

  1. Packaging of inner ear mask

According to the shape, size and quantity of the mask, the model of the mask packing machine is determined. The size of inner ear mask is generally 17.5 * 9.5cm. If only one or less than 10 packages are needed, only 180 models are needed. The 10-20 packages need to be customized. Heat shrinkable packaging is required for 50 packages.

  1. Packaging of ear mask

Let's talk about the external ear mask. Because the ear line is on the outside of the mask, it will be more troublesome when packaging. If the ordinary frequency conversion speed regulating respirator packaging machine is used, the feeding transmission part cannot use the way of chain push, otherwise the ear line is easy to hang on the push, resulting in the displacement of the respirator and cutting.

To avoid this problem, the feeding transmission part can only be driven by belt. In addition, there is a mask packaging machine controlled by three servo motors driven by the belt. The machine is characterized by feeding transmission part and packaging film part. The cutter part is controlled by three motor wave boxes independently, which automatically senses the feeding, does not go empty, avoids waste of film and saves cost. The cutter has the function of material rebound, reducing the number of damaged masks and protecting the cutter.

  1. Other types of packaging:

At present, there are other packaging modes in the sales market: one is vacuum packaging, the other is heat shrinkable packaging.

  • Vacuum Packing:

As the name implies, vacuum packaging packs the mask into the bag and then draws out the air inside, leaving the bag in a vacuum state.

Advantages: after sterilization, the mask can be stored in a vacuum environment for a relatively longer period of time, and the space is saved during carton packaging.

Disadvantages: the current vacuum packaging is manual packaging, so it is impossible to achieve automatic packaging for the moment, and the speed is about 5-10 packages / minute.

  • Sealing and cutting heat shrinkable package:

Sealing and cutting heat shrinkable package is through the sealing and cutting machine and then into the shrinkable packaging machine to shrink the film. Advantages: space saving after packaging, suitable for 50 pieces of packaging, and mask box heat shrinkable packaging.


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