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How Packaging Can Make a Positive Impact on Products


Well-designed packaging grabs consumers' attention because it stands out from products marketed by competitors. This is achieved by using color, vivid graphics, and by ensuring that the packaging appeals to more than one sense. For instance, innovative packaging that looks good and smells nice will be more appealing than packaging that looks drab – even if this increases the selling cost.

Designers also need to understand the demographics of their customers and ensure that the packaging appeals to them. While they might change the packaging to make it bold and beautiful, if it is a feminine product, soft colors will likely work better. Also, if the packaging is working for a product, it is usually best to let it continue working, rather than to change it for the sake of change.

Bearing functionality in mind, in addition to the basic protection of products, good packaging will also protect aromas, and will maintain the hygiene of products. Closure mechanisms are also important, although these will impact on repeat consumers rather than those buying for the first time.

Packaging may also be used to promote products in several ways. For instance:

If the product is new or has a new ingredient, the word "new" will draw attention and encourage consumers to buy

Pricing may also be highlighted, like “buy one get one free”

If the packaging itself has been revamped, this fact may also be highlighted on the packaging

Eco-friendly products should ideally be packaged in eco-friendly packaging to add to their green appeal

TEFUDE Knows That Packaging is Just as Important as Products

TEFUDE specializes in packaging and has the best packaging machinery for your products. We appreciate that different products need different packaging applications, and will help you identify which is best for yours. Together we can ensure that products and packaging perform to increase your bottom line.

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