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How to Maintain the Mask Packing Machinery?


In recent years, mask processing, production, packaging, transportation and other links have gradually entered the era of mechanization, and the market share of mask packing machinery has also maintained a rapid growth. The application of mask packing machine is very important for mask manufacturers. The application of automatic mask flow packing machine can not only complete the quantitative and packaging work of mask at high speed, but also effectively extend the service life of facemask due to correct maintenance and other operations.



In the following, TEFUDE will explain how to maintain the mask flow packing machine.

1. As the facemask packaging machine needs to rely on the repeated operation of various mechanical parts, special attention should be paid to the regular lubrication of various parts of the respirator packaging machine.

2. Operators of the mask packaging machine shall regularly check whether the thread at each joint is loose before starting the machine;

3. Dust and other small particles may also affect the functional use of the packaging machine. When there is dust on the photoelectric switch and the probe close to the switch, it is easy to make mistakes. Therefore, it is necessary to check and clean it regularly.

4. The detailed parts are also the focus of mechanical cleaning. For example, the horizontal mask packaging machine regularly uses soft gauze dipped in alcohol to clean the surface of the transverse sealing electric slip ring and remove the carbon powder on the surface during the period.

5. Some parts of the face mask packing machine can not be changed at will. Non professionals are not allowed to open the electrical part. The parameters or procedures of the frequency controller, microcomputer and other control elements have been set. Random change will cause system disorder and mechanical failure to work normally.


Generally speaking, the mask packing machinery should pay attention to regular lubrication, regular inspection and regular cleaning, so as to achieve better maintenance effect. At the same time, according to the new market quotation of mask packaging machine, the price of a mask packaging machine is not cheap, so workers need to be patient and cautious in the use process. Only in this way can we ensure the smooth progress of the mask packaging work, make the mask packaging machine play its application operation effect, and make it better serve for people's production and life.





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