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Industries That Benefit Most from Automated Packaging Machinery


Automated packaging machinery, and automatic packaging lines that link machines together, make the production of most manufactured items viable. It also enables companies in most industries to mass-produce items cost-effectively.

Generally, packaging lines are comprised of three sections:

Front, which gets the product and materials required for packaging to the production line.

Middle, that gets the completed product into the packaging.

The end, which is where the packaged products are accumulated for shipping.

Machines used in the front, middle, and at the end of the production lines vary, depending on the actual task they are designed to do. They include depalletizers, orienteers, fillers, labelers, case packers, unitizers, and more.

Numerous aids are also available to improve automation, including sensors, motion-control devices, and human/machine interfaces (HMIs) that help to monitor and control automated packaging machinery, improving efficiency and productivity.

TEFUDE Packaging offers many TFD packaging machines to meet the needs of small and large operators that solve different packing solutions. For instance:

We provide a compact solution that is more affordable than most. Ideal for business operators it has a surprising ability for high output.

We have been designed for packing just about any product into packs at high volume.

TEFUDE is a modular solution that can be supplied as a single-lane machine or with as many lanes as required.

If you’re considering a packaging machine for your business, contact the friendly professionals at TEFUDE Machinery to see what we can do for you.

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