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Maintenance And Repair Of Face Mask Machine


The maintenance and repair of the face mask machine is very important. The maintenance of the mask machine can bring better work, more safety and higher efficiency to the mask machine. So how should we do when maintaining the face mask machinery? Generally, the maintenance of the mask machine is divided into the following aspects: pneumatic system, ultrasonic system, transmission system, electric gas system, appearance and other aspects of maintenance. In the process of maintenance, it is necessary to shut down the power supply.

  1. Pneumatic System

The air filter cup of the respirator equipment needs to check whether there is water drainage, and also need to drain the air compressor by the way, and the area with high humidity needs to drain the air compressor every day, to check whether there is air leakage in all air pipes and cylinders, the position of the cylinder magnetic protection sensor and normal operation.

  1. Ultrasonic System

Check whether the ultrasonic mask machine system is kept clean, especially the ultrasonic electric box, vibrator (transducer) and welding head need to be dry and cleaned without water, and the connecting wire need to be solid. Often check the wear degree of the ultrasonic welding head, and pay attention to observe the change scale of the voltmeter and ammeter pointer on the ultrasonic electric box.

  1. Transmission System

The transmission system includes motor, gear, reducer, sprocket, chain, conveyor belt and other components. We need to check whether there are dust and other things attached to the motor that affect heat dissipation, whether there is oil on the gear and sprocket, if there is any attachment, it should be cleaned up, whether the chain tightness is appropriate, whether there are foreign matters not cleaned up, and whether the connecting screws between the transmission parts are loose Phenomenon: the lubricating oil of the reducer is not enough, and the machine usually needs to change the lubricating oil once in 1000-1500 hours.

  1. Electrical System

Check to see if the connector of the equipment circuit of the respirator is loose, if the main power line, branch signal line are worn and aged, if the electrical materials are loose, if the electrical box is kept in a dry environment, and if the exhaust fan works normally.

5. Appearance

Masks are used to wear on the face, and medical masks need to enter the operating room, so the production of masks must require the clean cleaning of mask machine equipment. Every day after work, it is necessary to arrange personnel to clean the working table of equipment and the plate containing masks after power off. It is important to note that water can not be used for cleaning, and alcohol and other non-toxic and volatile cleaning should be used Clean the equipment with liquid.

  1. Rust Prevention

The equipment shall not be stuck with corrosive liquid and objects, and sweat is very easy to cause rust of equipment parts. If the equipment does not operate for a long time, it is necessary to apply anti rust oil to the transmission system of the mask and the parts easy to rust.


The above is some maintenance knowledge of the face mask machine provided by TEFUDE. As long as the mask machine is well maintained every day, the service life of the mask machine can be greatly improved and the probability of maintenance can be reduced.


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