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Mask Earloop Welding Machine from TEFUDE Factory


The high speed mask earloop welding machine is specially designed for mask ear belt. The machine is easy to operate, can operate continuously at high speed and has high production efficiency.

1、 Introduction of mask ear belt spot welder:

Power: 500W

Frequency: 35K

Voltage: 220V

Machine size: 800 * 600 * 1400mm

Capacity: 10-20 pieces / min


2、 Basic configuration of mask ear belt welding machine:

  • Mask ear belt welding machine is specially designed for spot welding of mask ear belt. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, simple operation and stable quality.
  • The design of l-pillar can solve the problem of welding back.
  • 20kHz ultrasonic system is quieter and can meet the requirements of all kinds of ear band welding.
  • The ultrasonic generation system adopts the technology of Shanghai CSIC 702 Research Institute, which can generate vibration continuously 365 days a year
  • All accessories of the mask ear belt welding machine adopt the production technology of domestic medium and high-end enterprises
  • Ultrasonic welding head is made of high-speed steel, with long service life, durability and durability


3、 Features of mask ear belt welding machine:

  • The design of the machine is small and flexible, and the operation is simple and convenient.
  • It can be used for welding plane, inner ear belt / outer ear belt, cup mask, duck mouth mask and other special-shaped masks.
  • After the mask body is made, the ear band shall be welded manually. The operation is simple and the contact point is firm and beautiful. Skilled workers complete 10-20pieces of mask ear band welding every minute.

This mask earloop welding machine is highly recommended. If you take extra more sets of earloop machines, the production speed can easily increase. Such as if you get extra one set earloop machine, then you can get extra 20pcs /Min.




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