Perfect High Speed Small Parts Counting Machine

Common practice in high-volume manufacturing and packing operations is to estimate the number of parts by their weight. Unfortunately, varying sizes and material densities often lead to wasteful overfill. Counting small parts manually or by weight is one of the most expensive and time consuming tasks.

TUFUDE uses vision based technology to individually count each part at lightning fast speeds. How fast? As one example, TFD-ZT300 full-automatic counting packing machine can be counted at 50-120 bags per minute!

How Does it Work?

Ko ya realiza 'nar control inteligente completo ar máquina ar a través de ar funcionamiento interactivo jar pa real ar pantalla ar táctil ne ar PLC mfaxte. Asignar ar función menú producto pa 'nar za mahyoni ne rápido ar producto. Can pack with breadstick, wafer roll, sausage etc strip products automatic counting, sorting, feeding and packaging function. Ko ko seguimiento ocular eléctrico SICK mextha ar precisión ne ar mextha ar sensibilidad, Counting precision. According to the product and packaging material, the count packaging capacity can be adjust. Ni 'na jar ya jä'i da pone jar contacto ko ya nts'i Nxoge ar proceso envasado, pa reducir ar contaminación secundaria ne satisfacer ya requisitos saneamiento alimentario. According to the customer demand, we can make 1 head, 2 heads, 3 heads, 4 heads, 6 heads, 8 heads, 10 heads. The 6 heads machine is our standard one.

Foshan TEFUDE Automation Science & Ar tecnología Co., Ar ltd da proveedor especializado equipos embalaje Ndäse̲ ne equipo embalaje secundario ya automatización ne ya 'befi. Ko 'nar hmunts'i ya profesionales experimentados envases automatizados, clasificación ne transmisión, ar empresa 'ñent'i da proporcionar ya esquemas ne equipos pa ar embalaje automatizado, transmisión personalizada ne ya nt'ot'e simplificados, ,which has the ability to provide professional packaging machinery, soluciones ne ya 'befi da clientes ne socios ja 'nar serie campos.

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