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How to choose a flow wrapper?
How to choose a flow wrapper?

How to choose a flow wrapper?

Now all assortment of flow wrappers is flooding into the market, which means there is strong competitiveness in the packaging machine industry. Facing intense competition, it's indispensable for clients to have an understanding of the knowledge about how to choose a flow wrapper. TEFUDE has outlined some tips to help the reduction in the cost of trial-and-error on the way purchasing flow wrapping machines.

  1. It's, first and foremost, to decide which products you plan to pack in the flow pack machine. Flow wrapper that is versatile can be used for packing more varieties of solid items, such as bread, cake, and nuts, etc. Because a flow packing machine is compatible, people hope to wrap all their varieties in one packaging equipment. But actually, the packing effect of the versatile machine is not as good as that of a dedicated machine. Packing 3-5 varieties in one machine is recommended. Additionally, the specifications of the products vary greatly should be considered wrapping separately.
  2. High cost-performance is one of the top priorities. With the continuous development of packing machines, the overall quality of packaging machines has been greatly improved and enhanced. Packaging faster and more stable is inseparable from the quality machine. Full automation, high efficiency, and low waste rate are always the elements that are taken into consideration when people buy. But the suitable machine must be the best one. To buy what is right, not what is expensive. TEFUDE is the reputable flow packing factory dedicated to providing quality food packing machines and putting forward food packaging solutions to clients.
  3. It's essential to select a good packing machine manufacturer whose services and equipment are assured. It's better to have an on-site inspection of the factory as well as the equipment if necessary. Moreover, the after-sales service is of equal importance. If the factory can immediately respond to the clients' problem such as repairing the broken machines, the loss to the client will be reduced and you're worthily trusted.
  4. Flow packaging machines trusted by peers can be given priority.
  5. It's better to choose the automatic continuous food production line with a complete set of accessories, which can fast-track the packing process. Meanwhile, it's, as far as possible, to select simple operation and maintenance, which can reduce unnecessary costs.


It's as well to bear these reference tips in mind before choosing the flow wrappers and it will guide you to find the food packing machine you need. TEFUDE is a reputed packing machine factory that offers flow wrappers in all specifications. We have been focusing on the R&D, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and technology of pillow packaging machines, relying on technology to provide customers with packaging equipment solutions.