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DELTA Parallel robot are mainly applied to product sort, feed in tray or box, secondary loading in tray or box.

Model TFD-800 TFD-800-X TFD-1200 TFD-1200-X
Number of axis 2 axis 2+1 axis 2 axis 2+1 axis
Machine armspan (mm) 800mm 800mm 1200mm 1200mm
Maximum pick height (mm) 400mm 200mm 500mm 400mm
Rated Load (KG) 8kg 8kg 20kg 20kg
Maximum Load(KG) 12kg 12kg 25kg 25kg
Repeated positioning accuracy (mm) ±0.5 ±0.5 ±0.5 ±0.5
Angle of rotation -- 360° -- 360°
Speed 80(time/min) 60(time/min) 80(time/min) 60(time/min)
Power 1.6KW 2KW 1.6KW 2KW
Power supply voltage AC 380 AC 380 AC 380 AC 380
Machine size (L)1500 x(W)1300 x(H)2200

■ Designed with high load capacity to support various grippers.
■ It supports high-speed grasping and placing on the conveyor belt, with high repetition accuracy, suitable for fast and high-precision handling and assembly.
● No cumulative error, high precision.
● High speed, high reactivity.
● Compact structure, high stiffness, high bearing capacity.
● Fully symmetric parallel mechanism with better isotropy.
● Small operate area.
● Suitable for multi - variety products, batch flexible operation.1. 50% of project engineers have more than 12 years professional design experience.

2. 80% of technical staff graduated from professional technical colleges and had more than 6 years of Industry experience.
3. Combining with industry-university-research institutes in universities, strong scientific backing, and continuous development capabilities.
4. Each person on-site production and installation has more than 5 years of on-site assembly experience.
5. A complete quality control system, all products pass quality inspection.
6. 7*24 hours online service.1. More than 10 years personal average working experience of after-sales commissioning and maintenance.
2. Quick after-sales service response, 7*24 hours online service.
3. Professional export packaging and shipping.

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