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The bread bagging machine packaged bread in a plastic film or foil which can protect the product from being damaged and contaminated, and prolong shelf life. Packing speeds can reach up to 300 bags per minute, depending on the industry, product, and machine model. TEFUDE offers a wide collection of horizontal food packaging machinery for bakery products and other solid products with regular shapes. Welcome to your consult.

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Bread is something that is required in daily basis. At least a pound of bread gets delivered in every household so it there is always rushes a rush in every bakery for delivering fresh bread on time. But baked needs to be packed after baking then delivered. The Bread Packing Machine is the fastest solution to pack multiple pack of bread at a time.

The Foshan TEFUDE Automation Science & Technology Co. Ltd. manufacturer are the best in supplying some best packing machine which helps in bulk production in any factories. The packing speed can even go up to 300 bags per minute resulting in a speedy production.

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