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Factory Direct Sales Semi-automatic Mask Earloop Machine
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Model of product: TFD-1795-1

Production capacity: 10-120 pcs/min

Machine air pressure: 0.6Mpa/0.8Mpa

Machine power: 15KWS

Machine weight: 1050KGS

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Model of product TFD-1795-1
Production capacity 10-120 pcs/min
Machine air pressure 0.6 Mpa/0.8Mpa
Machine power 15 KWS
Machine weight 1050 KGS
Control mode PLC
Power supply 200 V 50/60 Hz.
Test way photoelectric detection

This semi-automatic mask earloop machine is highly recommended. It will be easier than the full-automatic one. If you take extra more sets of earloop machines, the speed can easily increase. Such as if you get extra one set earloop then you can get extra 20pcs /Min. We did suggest one head face mask shape machine + Work on 2-3sets earloop machine. Speed will match 30-60pcs/Min.



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