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TEFUDE 1+2 Fully Automatic Mask Making Machine in Chinese Factory
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1+2 fully automatic mask making machine in Chinese factory. It integrates 1 set face mask bank machine with 2 sets of earloop machine by the mask distribution system.

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Technical Parameter  
Machine name Fully Automatic Earloop Face Mask Making Machine
Model TFD-1795-2
Machine size L 6842mm*W 3554mm*H 2000mm


Power supply 220V-50/60Hz
Pressure 0.6Mpa/0.8Mpa
Motor power 10KW
Overall weight 1500KG
Mask Specification 175mm*95mm
Control mode PLC
Note: The mask size is fixed

TFD-1795-2 is a fully automatic mask making machine in a Chinese factory. This machine integrates 1 set face mask bank machine with 2 sets of the ear-loop machine by the mask distribution system. It adopts PLC, touch screen control, single-phase motor for main conveyor belt, stepping motor turning, precise transmission, stable in control, and easy to adjust the speed. From material feeding to welding the ear-loop, the production line realizes the fully automatic production of face masks. Machine Features Compact in size and saves space, beautiful sturdy and rustproof with the aluminum alloy structure. PLC control, servo driving, realize highly automation. High - precision and high - sensitive electric eye-tracking system, to avoid errors and reduce waste.


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