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Garlic packing machine


Compared with pillow packaging machines, the garlic packing machine has more advantages. The movement curve of the traditional pillow packaging machine transverse sealing knife is realized by a mechanical cam. It has a complicated installation, large running noise, and troublesome adjustment. The garlic packing machine developed by Foshan TEFUDE Automation Technology Co., Ltd. for these problems can realize one-button start-up and realize automatic air-proof, anti-cut, and anti-continuous materials during operation. It can be truly fully automated.

The garlic packing machine is a flow wrapping machine with strong packaging ability and suitable for food, hardware, medical articles, etc. It is based on the pillow packaging machine with better performance, more complete functions, and more convenient operation.

Garlic packing machine advantages

Garlic packing machine advantages

1. Accuracy: The garlic packing machine realizes closed-loop control of position, speed, and torque.

2. Rotating speed: The high-speed performance of the garlic packing machine is good. Its general rated speed can reach 2000-3000 rpm.

3. Adaptability: It has a strong anti-overload capability and is especially suitable for occasions with transient load fluctuations and quick start.

4. Cutting reversal: When the packaging machine is running, the cutter will be reversed when the product is cut. After the reverse rotation is automatically adjusted, the packaging will continue. The benefit of cutting reversal is the high safety factor.

5. No film stop: The garlic packing machine automatically alarms without packaging film. Save time for film change for 10 minutes each time. According to the calculation of the six-volume film one day, one day can save one hour of film change time, and the saved packaging film is about 500 meters.

6. Automatic stop when the cursor is not detected: When the packaging machine is running, the machine will not be detected and the machine will automatically stop and alarm. Not only can it prevent cutting, but also save packaging film.

7. Memory function: It can store 100 times of packaging product parameters, which can be used to directly call the parameters when the original product is replaced again. It is not necessary to reset the parameters.

8. Unlimited extension of packaging: unlimited extension of packaging length is a unique feature of the garlic packing machine. The width of the garlic packing machine can be adjusted within a certain range, but the length of the package can be extended indefinitely. This is one of the important reasons why many users choose garlic packing machine.

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