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Simple, Efficient Packing Machines to Meet Your Needs

Simple, Efficient Packing Machines to Meet Your Needs

Let us help you overcome your toughest packaging automation challenges with intuitive, easy-to-use equipment.

Whether your packaging needs are leading-edge or more traditional, Foshan TEFUDE Automation Science & Technology Co., Ltd has a solution. Are you looking to improve ROI in your production and packaging processes? We can show you how with automation. And if you're simply upgrading existing machines or know exactly what you want, our superior quality equipment provides a powerful solution that can be adapted to meet your needs.

Flexible packaging offers many benefits over its rigid counterpart, including a decreased carbon footprint, savings on shipping and storage, and a more prominent shelf-presence and a larger canvas for marketing. Applicable to almost every industry, both food and non-food, flexible packing machines increase both efficiency and your bottom line.

Foshan TEFUDE Automation Science & Technology Co., Ltd provides turn-key solutions for packaging dry and dusty products chocolate, biscuits, and fast noodles. Operating in an environment with fine particulates can put a lot of strain on moving parts. Thanks to the superior engineering of Foshan TEFUDE equipment, our packaging machines deliver smooth, repeatable bagging even in harsh conditions.

The entire organization of TFD-CZ500 vertical joint robot is compact, with the advantages of high repeated positioning, low failure rate, simple operation, and it uses the bus control technology, covering a small area, and the arm length is 500-1000mm, and the load capacity is up to 10 Kg, and it can be widely used in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and other material sorting and removing.

Our company is a supplier focusing on food like a biscuit, cake, bread, candy, puffin food, milk tea, jelly, Fried food, flavoring, daily necessities, medicine, hardware, chemical, household paper, sanitary products, and other single independent packaging and product automation secondary packaging equipment and services. We adhere to the road of innovative development, to provide innovative sustainable development and efficient solutions, to provide customers with a full range of products and services.


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