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A Supreme Versatile Wrapping in the Food Packaging Industry- Flow Wrapping
A Supreme Versatile Wrapping in the Food Packaging Industry- Flow Wrapping

What is Flow Wrapping?

Flow wrapping, also know as a horizontal packing, crimp-seal packing, fin-seal wrapping and pillow-type pouch wrapping, is carried out by a flow wrapping machine during products moving horizontally. The horizontal wrappers package products of any shape by wrapping it in plastic protective film such as printed polypropylene film or clear flow-wrap film. And it turned out to be a flexible package with crimped end seals and what is commonly called a“fin seal”at the bottom. Besides, keeping the film tightly attached to the product can cut down the troublesome cases such as product shift and product "tail".

Normally, people use wrap around the package in various way , and there are different wrap methods with different properties. The difference among the wrapping is obvious, whether it’s the process or films. For example, the BOPP film for flow wrapping only needs to be sealed on itself, while the over-wrapping film needs to seal to itself and the film on the other side. Nowadays, market was flooded with countless products that are flow-packed.

Why Go with Flow Wrapping?

In comparison to other food packaging methods, flow packing performed by automatic flow-wrap equipment is a high speed packaging solution to wrap a wide collection of products. When a product is flow-wrapped, the film will be cut to the appropriate size to your product when it is sealed. Since the bag is made to size on the horizontal flow-pack machine, there is little movement in the bag once the product is packed.

  • Air-tight seal packaging, hermetically sealed seams, no hole.
  • An added layer of protection- plastic film used in the flow wrapping protects the product from damage and contamination such as dust, moisture or harmful ultraviolet rays, and extends the shelf life.
  • Increased throughput- highly efficient packaging process, ideal for wrapping huge amounts of individual products.
  • Cost effective- less materials required than any other packaging.
  • Save space- less space required in the flow packing during the transportation.
  • Supreme versatility- countless products can be flow-wrapped, regardless of the items of any shape or characteristic.
  • Clear flow wrap films- customer enjoys an unobstructed view, and increase visibility of product.
  • OR printed flow-wrap film- comes in different colours and designs to highlight the brand.
  • OR translucent flow wrapper film – for confidential or sensitive or high-value items.
  • Recyclable packaging- low-density polyethylene film used in the flow-wrapped process is easily decomposed during recycling and then reused.

What Can be Flow-wrapped?

The range of flow-packed products cover from food sector ( such as bakery industry, confectionery industries, etc.) to non-food sector (such as household products, medicine, stationary and hardware, etc.)

  • Confectionery (e.g. muesli bars, candy bars, lollies).
  • Bakery products (e.g. biscuit, cake, moon cake, buns, muffins, dry foods).
  • Giveaways (e.g. toys, phone cards, gifts, scratch cards )
  • Stationary (such as leaflets, booklets, paper, magazines, cards, pens ).
  • Household products (such as sponges, wipes, paper napkins, mask, disposable cutlery, etc.).
  • Pharmaceutical products and others

Horizontal flow-pack product is ubiquitous in our daily life, which indirectly shows that pillow packaging machine takes up the absolute important place in the field of food packaging.

What is Flow Wrapping Machine?

Horizontal flow wrap machine is also called pillow type packing machine for the shape of the bag is pillow-like, which has the strong packaging capacity and is suitable for food and non-food packaging of any specification and shape. Its packaging process is carried out horizontally.

Whether it is automatic or semi-automatic flow wrapper machine for sale, TEFUDE designs the most suitable small flow wrapping machine to meet your packaging requirements. The pillow packaging machines made by TEFUDE feature excellent performance, outstanding overall equipment effectiveness and great size flexibility, all combined with low packaging costs.

If you want to learn more about the flow wrapping and flow wrapping machine, please contact us.