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Snack Packaging Trend


We now live in a world of 'snackification', with many consumers replacing large meals with snacks, grazing throughout the day. The snack food industry has responded enthusiastically with smaller packages of consumer favorites.

All of these snack packaging formats have one thing in common: They were created to attract and appease a consumer that desires easy, portable, pre-portioned snack foods.

Packaging Strategies reports that snacking is a booming business. According to a survey they conducted, readers felt, by the largest margin, that single-serve packaging is a snack trend that is here to stay. The proof is on store shelves: Single-serve packaging formats now complement traditional package sizes.

In the past, bulk snack food packaging was the standard. It was expected that consumers would portion out products on their own and that buying in bulk was the frugal and responsible choice, especially for families. However, today's emerging generations desire convenience and health, above all, and this is especially evident when exploring current snack food industry trends.

No longer purchasing on price point alone, people are happy to pay a premium for snack foods that are already pre-portioned in single-serve packaging for their convenience.

Also contributing to the snackification trend are recent changes in dietary guidelines that have started to impact food markets not typically considered for snacking.

In keeping with the movement away from sugary snacks and toward savory snacks higher in fat and protein, meat has, like dairy, found a burgeoning consumer market with individuals subscribing to a lifestyle lower in sugar and carbohydrates.

While it can be argued that smaller packages create more packaging waste, it can also be argued that food waste is an even bigger problem. In fact, PACKAGING DIGEST says that "ten times more resources—materials, energy, water—are used to make and distribute food than are used to make the packaging to protect it."

Learn about how today's lifestyle and snack packaging trends, Pay attention with us please.

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