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Supply In Stock! Exporting Semi Automatic Medical Mask Ear Belt Welding Equipment From China Manufacturer
Supply In Stock! Exporting Semi Automatic Medical Mask Ear Belt Welding Equipment From China Manufacturer

The semi-automatic medical mask ear belt welding equipment is a kind of mechanical equipment especially for the welding of disposable mask ear belt and plane mask ear belt. The machine adopts chain type ear belt for ultrasonic automatic welding, which can weld two points at the same time, and the production speed can reach 15-40pcs / min. The specific speed depends on manual operation proficiency and the discharging speed. The mask earloop machine only needs one person to operate and can realize the automatic welding process of an ear belt. It is convenient and flexible to operate, with a small occupation area and convenient to move.

The working process of semi-automatic mask welding earphone equipment is as follows: an operator manually puts the mask to be welded into the welding device and then detects it through the electronic induction device. Once the cursor eye senses the mask, the ultrasonic welding port is pressed down pneumatically, and the welding process is completed.

The characteristics of the mask ear belt welding machine:

1. Special alloy steel made of flower wheel, welding head is resistant to damage and long life.

2. Color paper and gold foil can be added, and the function of color printing and gold stamping can be achieved when pressing.

3. It is easy to change the flower wheel. We can change the flower wheel according to the customer's needs.

4. Preheating is not required during welding, and welding can be carried out continuously.

5. Can be combined into a number of special machines, in order to produce a wide range of products.

6. During processing, it does not smoke or spark, does not damage the edge of the cloth.

7. Simple mechanical operation, easy maintenance, use 20kHz low noise ultrasonic wave, anti-noise interference.

8. The disposable mask ear line welding machine uses ultrasonic heating and special steel wheel pressure to create an ear band, and the welding is reliable.

TEFUDE Machinery has a special production workshop to produce and assemble semi-automatic medical mask ear belt welding equipment, disposable/N95/KN95 medical facemask production machine, mask packaging machine. After the machine is assembled and debugged step by step, it can be shipped to customers. Supply In Stock! Welcome to consult and order!



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