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TFD Launches The Production Line Of Automatic Mask Horizontal Packing Machine!


Recently, TFD launched the production line of full-automatic mask horizontal packing machine. As a well-known automation science & technology equipment manufacturing enterprise in China, TFD provides advanced intelligent manufacturing solutions for many industries, has rich experience in mechanical design and intelligent manufacturing, and has great advantages in the development of full-automatic horizontal mask machine production line. In the face of the shortage of masks all over the country and the world, TFD actively responds to the call of the government, meets the mask production demand of some partners, accelerates the development of intelligent production line of mask machine, and contributes to the society.


Product Introduction:

The production line of the mask machine is integrated by three manufacturing machines. The first line completes the production of the plane mask. It is suitable for the advanced control platform with full intelligence. It can be operated by one person. It has the advantages of clear and firm embossing and good welding effect.

Product Features:

  1. Using ultrasonic welding technology, the finished product is beautiful.
  2. The whole production line from feeding, nose line insertion, edge sealing, cutting finished products are automatic operations.
  3. The frame structure is made of aluminum alloy, and the key parts are made of stainless steel. The whole line is rust free, durable, easy to clean and beautiful.
  4. The production efficiency is 6000-7000 PCS / hour.

We believe that as long as we work together, do a good job in self-protection, wash hands frequently and wear masks, it is the best contribution that individuals make to society.


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