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TFD Packing Machinery, Benchmarking For Automatic Line


With the increase of Labour costs, artificial inefficient enterprises operating pressure increasing, especially in recent years, market, labor shortages, artificial cost, become the important obstacle on the road of enterprise development to reduce labor cost, improve the efficiency of enterprise production, many companies are now beginning to use machinery to replace manual, especially large enterprise, fully automatic line has gradually become the standard of the enterprise.

At present, our country has developed into the largest in the world's most promising packaging market, also have huge packaging market promote the development of the food packaging machine industry in China, Food packaging machine manufacturing enterprises in China should grasp the good opportunity for the development of their own, let the food packaging machine industry in China to get a bigger development.

TFD packaging company meets the needs of The Times. This TFD-ZT300 automatic counting packing machine is mainly applicable for strip products, such as breadsticks, egg rolls, ham sausage, can pack with a bag, plastic tray, or cup. The system realizes complete machine intelligent control through the real-time interactive operation of touch screen and embedded PLC. Allocate product menu functions for convenient and rapid adjustment of the product. And counting the feed system can customize on demand. we can make 1 head, 2 heads, 3 heads, 4 heads, 6 heads, 8 heads, 10 heads. The 6 heads machine is our standard one.

TFD automatic packing line specialized in the production of solid food packaging machine, The company sells its products to the whole country and overseas, because of many automatic lines we need to support, high performance/price ratio food machinery we offered, welcome new and old customers came to negotiate cooperation, TFD packing machinery to live up to everyone's expectations, intentions of service.

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