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TFD Three Servo Mask Packaging Machinery
TFD Three Servo Mask Packaging Machinery

Recently, the development of the mask industry has led to an increase in the demand for mask packaging machines. With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, people's health is also threatened by environmental pollution. At this time, the mask is no longer the patent of the hospital, and it gradually plays an increasingly important role in daily life. This year, due to special reasons, the domestic and foreign market demand for masks is growing, which leads to a higher demand for respirator packaging machines. Here is a brief introduction of a mask packaging machine manufactured by TEFUDE.


TFD Three servo mask packing machine Major Performance and Structural Feature:

Mode of product TFD-320S TFD-380S TFD-480S
Packing speed 35-300bags/min 35-300bags/min 35-300bags/min
Bag size (L)80-480(W)30-220(H)5-35mm (L)80-480(W)30-220(H)5-60mm (L)80-480(W)30-220(H)5-80mm
Film width 80-300mm 80-350mm 80-450mm
Dimension (L)4000mmx(W)1150mmx(H)1700mm
Heat power 2.4KW 3.8KW 3.8KW
Motor power About 5.0KW About 6.8KW About 6.5KW
Power supply AC 200-240V 50HZ AC 200-240V 50HZ AC 200-240V 50HZ
Gross Weight 650kgs 680kgs 680kgs

The Main Function Characteristic:

  • Three servo driving , motion control system CPU
  • Man-machine interface and parameter setting and convenientand quick.
  • Easy to adjust the packing speed and bag length.
  • With high - precision and high - sensitive electric eye tracking system, accurately control product position.
  • Independent sealing temperature control system.
  • Suitable for many kinds of packaging materials, beautiful and tight sealing.
  • Anti - cutting material, Standby function without product.
  • Fault self - diagnosis & eliminate function.
  • Optional devices: printer, nitrogen charging device and alcohol spraying device.


The scope of application:
It is suitable for regular products like disposable items, mask, biscuit, crack cake, pie, chocolate, bread, instant noodle, moon cake, daily articles, hardware, small carton, tray etc.


According to the market development and demand of mask packaging machinery, TEFUDE constantly innovates technology to better serve customers and truly provide customers with what they need.


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