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TFD-420 Food Automatic Packing Machine


The machine’s popularity is due to its ability to combine high speeds, reliability, and low cost of ownership.

On the TFD420, vibration is controlled via the design of the frame and the use of lightweight materials for moving parts, allowing it to run at high speeds with very low-level wear on parts. Added to this, the TFD420 offers a touch screen, which translates to ease of use for operators during the day to day machine operation and easier and shorter maintenance procedures. The sum of these factors adds up to one of the best performing baggers on the market.

A further reason that bakery operations are favoring the TFD420 is that it can be supplied as part of a full automatic packing line solution, integrated with dosing, weighing, vision counting, and multi-pack systems.

We offer something that 90% of our competitors don’t: full solutions. It is critical for bakery operations that downtime is kept to a minimum. This is best achieved by sourcing equipment from a single supplier, for simplified operation, maintenance, servicing, and troubleshooting.

The TFD420 can pack both fresh and frozen bakery products in a variety of bag styles, including pillow, block bottom, strips, and particle packs. Access is facilitated by the machine's open-frame design, clean film carriage, and a unique mounting of the forming tube on a swivel arm for easy removal.

With high-precision and high-sensitive electric eye-tracking system, accurately control product position. Independent sealing temperature control system. This means TFD’s bakery customers can now run with the optimum sealing profile configuration for their full range of products.

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