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The Application Of Pillow Type Packing Machine


Many people buy food pillow packaging machine, always don't know which one to buy good, on the question also is uneven, also often let people headaches because of food pillow packaging machine itself poor understanding of the professional knowledge, on the other hand is what are the requirements for itself to purchase products, and do not know to buy need to see what aspects and so on.

Multi-function pillow packaging machine, suitable for solid food packaging, those large quantities of solid food are used pillow type packaging machine, can also be used for daily chemical industry, and so on, but pillow packaging machine is only suitable for large-scale production, it is also recommended not to use if there is a large amount of packaging material required for the packaging of the equipment.

1.Candy Chocolate Category, most candy, chocolate production enterprises are using pillow packaging. Candy, chocolate packaging mainly have kink type packaging, pillow type packaging, folding packaging. Kink packing.

Pillow type packaging is the most ancient form of packaging, this form of packaging for candy, not only through high-speed, automated packaging machine to complete, but also through manual operation;

Pillow packaging became popular internationally in the 1970s, and there are two main types of packaging materials for candy in China since the 1980s: one is automatic packaging with composite film (pillow packaging) , the other is kink packaging with kink, kink conjunctiva is generally a single membrane (non-composite membrane) .

2.disposable toothpaste toothbrush chopsticks category, this product basic structure and candy packaging are almost the same, the only difference is the difference in packaging materials, some of the food category with PE film packaging, some composite film, and daily Necessities Category, the material requirements are less important.

3.Industrial Products, such as semi finished toys, and even some hardware products are packaged in pillow type, and the structure and performance of the equipment are the same.

With the changes in the market, pillow type packaging machine types and functions have been improved, new types of products more personalized packaging, practical and beautiful. Foshan TEFUDE Automation Science & Technology Co. , Ltd. is a professional independent packaging equipment and automatic secondary packaging equipment and service suppliers.

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