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The Benefits Of TEFUDE Bagging Machine


Almost every daily thing in our life needs to be bagged, but the era of factories relying on manual bagging is no longer, now most enterprises will choose to buy the packaging machine to improve efficiency, but what is the benefit of bagging machine?

Increase productivity and accuracy, while reducing labor costs with a TUFUDE bagged robot. Find out ways to improve your current processes and uncover common problems when shipping.

Bagging machines work well for manufacturing, distribution, 3PL, eCommerce fulfillment centers, and mailing facilities. They can also be beneficial for the parts industry, retail, medical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

Options range from the TUFUDE SR, continuous roll bagging system, and the ZT auto-bagging machine to any of the ZT100, ZT200, or ZT300 options that allow for bag feeding with open, filling, and sealing.

With up to 3.5 times faster throughput and faster training times (typically less than a week) using a bagging machine can be highly beneficial.

Generally, bags have a much quicker pack rate over boxes or flat mailers-packing more in less time with a 4:1 ratio of bags versus boxes and 3:1 ratio with mailers.

Many fulfillment centers see up to a 40% documented reduction of their labor costs, also showing higher productivity with fewer workers. Utilizing TUFUDE bagging machinery can also cut the number of work stations by over 45% and reduce the overall workspace footprint for each individual up to 50%.

By effectively implementing an inline bagger, many see reductions in the number of dim weight charges, thus a decrease in shipping costs. TUFUDE baggers also can save well over $2000 a year, in annual maintenance (40% less) when compared to competitors, due to fewer moving parts and utilizing off-the-shelf parts.

TUFUDE bagging machines can help when accuracy for weight count or optical count is important. By integrating rate shipping software, many of the TUFUDE baggers can record vital data, providing historical information used for often identifying maintenance and measuring errors. Some of these baggers can provide an option for a label-side-up exit conveyor, which allows for easy barcode scanning.

Bagging robots are much more cost-effective than you think, if you need, TUFUDE can provide various bagging machines. TUFUDE Packaging has 30 years of experience developing impactful packaging solutions for our clients. Working with world-renowned packaging equipment companies, we offer clients new and innovative equipment for their packaging solution. Our team of factory-trained and certified technicians supports your packaging machines throughout its lifecycle. We offer a full automatic packing line support to ensure your machine has a long and productive life.

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