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The Development Direction of Multi-piece Facemask Packaging Machine


Multi-piece facemask packaging machine industry has huge development potential. With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, microelectronics, computers, industrial robots, picture sensing skills and new materials will be more and more widely used in packaging machinery in the future. Packaging machinery enterprises urgently need to learn and introduce new skills, march towards packaging equipment with high production efficiency, high degree of automation, good reliability, strong flexibility and high skill content, create the latest multiple piece mask packing machine, and lead the development of packaging machinery in the direction of integration, efficiency and intelligence.

Foshan TEFUDE multi-piece facemask packaging machine can seal mask products well, and is suitable for sealing various kinds of mask products and other products. The mask flow packaging machine adopts heat sealing and cutting technology, which can quickly heat seal and cut the plastic film on the surface of the product to ensure the neat and beautiful surrounding of the cut product.


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