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The Full Automatic Mask Horizontal Packing Machine


The Foshan TEFUDE full automatic mask horizontal packing machine is controlled by original single servo motor or double servo motor. Compared with the same frequency conversion motor or frequency converter control products at home and abroad, it has higher packing accuracy, wider adjustable range, more accurate control, lower scrap rate and better stability. Due to the fully open box structure, the transmission structure is clear at a glance, and the maintenance is more convenient; in the use of box materials, 12mm thick steel plate ensures the stability of the whole machine under high-speed operation; due to the special product nature of the mask, the mask packaging machine can be equipped with alcohol spray or nitrogen filling device, strictly ensuring the safe use of the mask.

The technical parameters of full automatic facemask horizontal packing machine are as below:

Packing film thickness: 5-60mm

Packing speed: 60-200 bags / min

Bag size: length 70-300mm, width 20-120mm, height 5-60mm

Power supply: 220V / 3kw

Boundary dimension: 4200mm long, 1500mm wide, 850mm high

Weight: 800kg


TEFUDE full automatic mask horizontal packing machine belongs to the exclusive category of pillow packaging machine. It is also suitable for the packaging of other types of goods, regular solids or small pallets and other objects.



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