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Automatic mask machine
Automatic mask machine

Recently, the automatic mask machine has gradually become the highlight of the whole industrial automation industry, and the demand is rapidly breaking out. As a professional factory of independent mechanical equipment, TEFUDE has rich experience and technology in the production and research of automatic mask machine, especially in the development of automatic mask machine. Next, I'll introduce to you a hot-selling automatic mask machine in the domestic and foreign markets.


Automatic mask machine features

Automatic mask machine features

TFD-1795-2 is a fully automatic mask making machine. This machine integrates 1 set face mask bank machine with 2 sets of the ear-loop machine by the mask distribution system. It adopts PLC, touch screen control, single-phase motor for main conveyor belt, stepping motor turning, precise transmission, stable in control, and easy to adjust the speed. From material feeding to welding the ear-loop, the production line realizes the fully automatic production of face masks.

Technical Parameter:

Model: TFD-1795-2

Machine Size: L 6842mm*W 3554mm*H 2000mm

Production Speed : 100-120pcs/min

Power Supply: 220V-50/60Hz

Pressure: 0.6Mpa/0.8Mpa

Motor Power: 10KW

Overall Weight: 1500KG

Mask Specification:175mm*95mm

Control Mode: PLC

Machine Features:

Compact in size and save space, beautiful sturdy, and rustproof with the aluminum alloy structure.
PLC control, servo driving, realize highly automation.
High - precision and high - sensitive electric eye tracking system, to avoid errors and reduce waste.

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Why Investing In Fully Automated Mash Machine Is Beneficial?

Infections are common. Germs may invade your body system at any time. The quality mask acts as the first line of protection. Surgical masks and disposable masks are in demand in the market today. They offer with best business potential.

It is thus best to invest in a fully automated Mask Machine. The same machine is useful for all types of small packing. The machine helps improve production quality. As the machine is automated, so it also reduces production time.

You can search for the best machine online at Foshan TEFUDE Automation Science & Technology Co. Ltd. They offer with best solutions for all types of packing and mask making services.


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