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The Sandwich Automatic Packaging Machine


With the continuous development of the economy and the continuous improvement of living standards, people's requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher, especially in the diet. Not only to fill the stomach but also to put forward more requirements in terms of taste, nutrition, and safety. However, the development of the economy has also led to an accelerated pace of people's lives, and a large number of fast junk foods have entered our lives. As a traditional food, sandwiches are becoming more and more popular with their convenience, deliciousness, nutrition, and quickness. As sandwiches are favored by more and more people, demand has increased dramatically. Traditional sandwich packaging methods are not only inefficient but also fail to meet food safety requirements. The sandwich automatic flow wrapping machine is not only safe and reliable but also has high work efficiency and can fully meet the food hygiene and safety requirements.

The structure of the sandwich automatic packaging machine:

There are six auxiliary buckets fixed around the turntable of the sandwich automatic packaging machine, and the six auxiliary buckets are evenly distributed along the outer circumference of the turntable. The six auxiliary buckets are sauce bucket 1, sauce bucket 2, vegetable bucket 1, vegetable bucket 2, meat pine bucket 1, and meat pine bucket 2. After the turntable, set the transfer table below the discharge port of the auxiliary bucket. The transfer table includes a conveyor belt, and a heating plate is disposed of after the conveyor belt. A bread pusher that pushes the bread to the leading end of the conveyor is placed on the side of the conveyor.

The bread pusher includes a bread bucket, and the lower part of the bread bucket is provided with a pusher that pushes the bread out of the bread outlet at the lower part of the bread bucket, and the push rod is connected with a motor-driven screw.

The auxiliary material barrel comprises a barrel body, the bottom of the barrel body is an auxiliary material outlet, the upper and lower baffles with discharge holes are arranged in the barrel body, the lower baffle is fixed on the barrel body, and the upper baffle is connected with the motor output shaft through the upper and lower baffles The relative position of the discharge hole is changed to match, and the quantity of discharge of the auxiliary material is controlled.

Photoelectric sensors are provided at both ends of the conveyor belt for precise positioning of the sandwich at specific locations on the conveyor belt.

Advantages of the sandwich automatic packaging machine:

1. The sandwich automatic packaging machine can automatically select the type of sandwich sauce and vegetables to match through the turntable. The use of the turntable mechanism not only saves space, reduces machine size, but also facilitates the achievement of electrical automation control.

2. The sandwich automatic packaging machine uses the stepping motor to drive the turntable to improve the positioning accuracy of the turntable and the loading bucket, reduce the failure rate during the running of the machine, and realize the automatic operation of the machine.

3. The sandwich automatic packaging machine is equipped with two sets of photoelectric sensors at both ends of the conveyor belt, and the sandwiches on the conveyor belt can be precisely positioned by the sensor to ensure that the sandwich can be produced and heated at a predetermined position.

4. The sandwich automatic packaging machine is equipped with a heating sheet, which can instantly heat the sandwich, which not only improves the taste of the sandwich but also provides a healthy diet for the customer.

5. The six auxiliary buckets of the sandwich automatic packaging machine and the feeding switch of the bread bucket are driven by the motor, which not only can achieve precise control of the bread, sauce, vegetables, and meat, but also reduce the size and weight of the whole machine.

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