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The Status of Mask Packing Machine in the Packaging Machinery Industry


Mask packing machine plays an important role in the packaging machinery industry. With its strong user volume and cross industry application scale, mask packaging machine constantly rewrites the sales record in one year. In our daily life, all kinds of daily necessities, medicines and so on have also become fast-moving consumer goods. Now the market has been greatly developed. We can see from the richness of commodity categories and products. Facing this growing market, large and small packaging will usher in a large market.

As there are no specific specifications for all kinds of facemask packing machines, Foshan TEFUDE can customize their production specifications according to customer needs. How to make the packing machine get used to different kinds of packing materials and make an intelligent machine? This depends on the design of automation system by skilled personnel. The automation of facemask packaging machinery can be combined with other machinery into a production line. Under the control of the intelligent system, it can completely rely on machinery for production, which not only avoids the pollution of harmful substances but also improves the production power.


Foshan TEFUDE Automation Science & Technology Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of servo mask packing machine, focuses on the R & D, manufacturing and production of packaging machinery and equipment; pillow packaging machine, mask horizontal packing machine, food packaging machine, and other kinds of packaging machinery and equipment produced by the company are sold at home and abroad, and are recognized by the majority of customers!


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