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The Tefude Packaging Design


Think about the last time you went to a huge supermarket. With aisles and aisles of products ahead of you, which brands caught your eye?

Chances are, it wasn’t a jar of peanut butter buried somewhere on the bottom shelf in a middle aisle; instead, it’s likely that your eyes (and wallet) were drawn to those bright, uniquely packaging product displays that often lives at the ends of aisles or right as you walk into a store.

These point-of-purchase (or POP) displays are designed to do just that: draw your eye away from the endless array of products and attract shoppers by making one specific packaging product stand out. Whether they’re used in large, nationwide retail stores or smaller mom-and-pop stores, POP displays are ideal for driving sales of new packaging products, special offers, seasonal products, and special events, and inspiring unplanned purchases.

In Tefude, a POP display is where product meets packaging design. At Tefude Packaging, we specialize in creating custom packaging designs for our clients that help them increase their profits. Future business leaders always need to be thinking of ways to stand out from the crowd, especially in a competitive retail market. To help get you thinking like a business pro, we want to know what you think makes a POP display stand out. You can write an article to us, or contact with us directly.


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